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Give your plants good conditions and make a mark on your decor with rustic flower pots from The Traveling Band. With our unique flower pots you can create life by bringing nature into your home and garden. Explore our selection of rustic flower pots for the home and garden and find just what you need.


Rustic flower pots for indoors and outdoors

Who doesn't love green plants? Flowers, plants and, not least, fresh herbs are for many an indispensable element in both the decoration of the home and the garden. Regardless of whether the greenery is to decorate indoors or outdoors, a unique flower pot is a must. With our selection of rustic flower pots, you can make your interior more green, inside as well as outside.

Welcome the greenery and fill the plant pots with budding flowers, plants and fresh herbs.

Flowerpots all year round

With rustic and unique flower pots in good quality, it is possible to have green fingers all year round. Only your imagination sets limits on where and how you can use and combine plants and fresh herbs with rustic plant pots. In order to get the most out of your plants and their associated flowerpots, it is important that you choose a flowerpot that suits your needs and your interior design.

Unique flower pots made of clay

In our selection of rustic flower pots you will find Fairtrade produced flower pots in clay from Vietnam. All the plant pots are frost-proof, and under each product you can read more about the advice you must follow for this to apply. For the flower pots, large and small, we also sell a selection of saucers. Our flower pots are a perfect match for both house and garden with some beautiful plants and flowers in them.

Explore our selection and find rustic, unique flower pots for your plants with flower pots from The Traveling Band.