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Is there anything cozier than snuggling up under a soft, cozy blanket? Whether it's summer or winter, a plaid is almost a must-have for evenings on the sofa, on the terrace, on walks in the woods or at sunset on the beach. The mattresses with loose linen covers are brilliant from everything in the sun lounger to the sofa.


What is a plaid?

A plaid is a smaller blanket whose purpose is to keep you warm and comfortable. Many swear by plaids for the sofa indoors all year round, but we also like to take the plaid outdoors on trips out of the house or for cozy moments on the terrace, where the last of the balmy summer evening must of course be enjoyed to the fullest before the sun goes down.

Our blankets are available in many different materials and in a multitude of colors and patterns to suit every taste, and we recommend that you always have more than one blanket available at home, so that there are several blankets to choose from, or so that everyone in the family has a soft plaid to cozy up under - because no one should be cheated of the comfort that a well-chosen quality plaid provides.

What is the difference between blankets and throws?

Carpets and plaids are words that are often used interchangeably. Carpets are just a broader term that can also cover, among other things, carpets and bedspreads, where a plaid is always synonymous with a smaller cozy blanket that keeps your body warm. Plaids are also characterized by often having fringes at the ends, where many other types of carpets typically – but not always – have sewn edges. You have probably already spotted the small, fine fringes on many of our throws, which are just one of the well-thought-out details that bring a little extra coziness into the home.

On this site, it is our plaid carpets that are in focus, but we also sell a large selection of different bed carpets and floor carpets for your home, which really give the home edge and personality.

Go on a discovery among many beautiful plaids

If you are dreaming of a new plaid that can decorate your home and keep you warm on the chilly days, we are really excited to show you the selection here at The Traveling Band. We focus on the best quality materials that ensure you ultimate comfort and the joy of a rug that lasts despite daily use on the sofa, on the terrace, on the beach, and wherever else your plaid sneaks up. 

Take a look at the options here and choose your favorite from our various plaids, which are available in both muted and flashier color tones and in several exciting materials. When you have found the plaid you like best, you can easily order it home here and look forward to using it as soon as you get it through the door at home.