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The bedroom, we think, should be 'cream for the eye & soul' - this is where you should find peace and enjoy throwing yourself into cool, delicious bedding, pillows and bedspreads in matching colours, let go and just relax...

Sweet dreams out there!


What is a bed linen?

Bed linen is really just another word for bedding, and at The Traveling Band you will find many different bed sets with duvet covers and pillowcases for both single duvets and double duvets. A bedspread is the finishing touch and makes it easy and quick to make your bed, and in our selection you can choose between both bed linen and bedspreads in complementary color tones, which create a harmonious and calm expression in the room, so your shoulders immediately can lower, and you can relax when you enter your bedroom.

Why do you have a bedspread on the bed?

A bedspread is first and foremost nice to look at, and then it only takes a moment to make the bed when you can easily put on a beautiful bedspread before leaving the bedroom to tackle the day's plans. At the same time, your bedspread protects against dust in bed, and then it provides extra warmth for the cold nights when the duvet is not quite enough to ensure you a comfortable temperature.

How big should a bedspread be?

A bedspread must fit the size of your bed and preferably go down slightly over the edges of the bed. Therefore, go for a bedspread that is slightly larger than the bed itself, but avoid choosing a bedspread that is too large, as the blanket is not meant to reach all the way to the floor. Our bedspreads fit well with the most common bed sizes, and we therefore most likely also have one or more beautiful bedspreads that match the size of your bed.

Inspired by the most beautiful colors of nature

It is often the very simple and subdued expression that is the most beautiful. Not least in a bedroom, where peace and well-being for many are the key keywords in the interior design. Discover cheap bedspreads and high-quality bed linen in the finest natural colours, which easily find their place in the Scandinavian home. Our beige bedspreads in particular are popular, but if it's not a beige bedspread you're dreaming of, luckily we also have many other options that simply have to be experienced. Find your favorites among our bed linen and bedspreads for single and double beds here, and treat yourself to something new for the bedroom.