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Do you dream of having a soap that is more and different than the type of soap you know inside and out? The soap from Le sultan d'Alep, also called Aleppo soap, is a unique soap created from olive oil and laurel oil in particular. This Syrian soap therefore has some very special properties that work miracles for your skin. See our different varieties of soap from Le sultan d'Alep on this page and choose your favorite.


A soap that cleans your pores

The combination of bay oil and olive oil is a special method from the now Syrian city of Aleppo. The bay oil helps to open the pores of your skin, which allows the olive oil to clean and deep clean. It's a natural and gentle process that your skin will love. The soap traces its roots back to 4000 years ago, when Aleppo was a Mesopotamian city. It is therefore a soap recipe that belongs to one of the world's earliest civilizations.

Wash your skin with the whir of history

The soap from Aleppo and from Le sultan d'Alep is therefore living history, but it is not just a curiosity. The soap is truly amazing and it is this unique quality that it truly has that has given it a timelessness that has overwritten the millennia. The modern version of the soap is produced in France and of course according to modern regulations, so you get the best of both worlds with this luxury soap. Treat yourself to trying one of the soaps from Le Sultan d'Alep, which you can order home from this site.