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Wrap yourself in one of our bath sheets and get the spa feeling close to your body. Our new French hammam towels with fat, soft terry on the back are a dream! The towels are available both with the typical hammam stripes and in plain colour! Here you will also find The Traveling Band's own classic striped bath towels and guest towels, in strong densely woven soft cotton. From Libeco we have the finest guest towels in soft, soft linen...


Create increased well-being in your everyday life

There is not much that beats the feeling of stepping out of the bath and wrapping yourself in a warm and soft towel, and it is undoubtedly an experience that should be envied by everyone. At The Traveling Band, we bring extra luxury into everyday life with well-chosen products created with great consideration for both people and the environment.

Our towels have a subdued, yet remarkable expression, and the beautiful, striped towels in the colors of nature fit perfectly into the Scandinavian interior design, where they contribute warmth and personality to the room and ensure you ultimate comfort. In addition to the striped towels from our own collection, we have also been lucky enough to be able to bring home an exciting selection of luxurious hammam towels. The towels are woven in recycled cotton and completely free of chemicals - and then the fringes are attached by local artisans who work at home from their own home. You can almost imagine it, and the story of the good craftsmanship certainly does not make us love the products any less.

Towels that last both in style and quality

Many towels can feel soft and delicious from the start, but lose their properties after a short period of use. Our many bath towels and guest towels are made from the best materials that maintain the high quality, and buying towels from our selection is a very special investment in well-being and self-pampering for you and your family. Their timeless expression ensures that they will fit into your home despite changing homes and furnishings over the years, and it's fantastic to have towels that are both practical to use and nicely decorate the bathroom - and make you want to spend a few minutes extra on yourself before everyday life calls again.

Also find plenty of other exciting interiors for the bathroom here. Often, it doesn't take much to create a cozy and relaxed spa-like atmosphere in the room, and it's certainly possible regardless of whether you're blessed with a large or small bathroom that needs a fresh decorating breath.

Find beach towels and more in the selection online

If your current towels need an upgrade, we're sure you'll love the towels in this selection. Here, good craftsmanship and high quality are really demanding, and the result is an exciting range of beautiful towels that you can be happy with for many years. Let yourself be inspired by the many models in different sizes, colors and materials here, and treat yourself to new towels in exactly the quantity you need. We look forward to seeing which of our many beautiful towels suit your taste.