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Here is our offer, right now, for the most delicious linen, the softest cotton, the finest silk & linen - in douche coordinated tones and stripes - pure 'cream' for your home.


The finest cushion covers for decorative pillows

An extra pillow in the back or neck immediately ensures the feeling of increased comfort and well-being, and with a well-chosen pillow cover, the pillow also decorates the home beautifully when it is not in use. We offer cushion covers in many different colors and materials, and especially our linen cushion covers in natural colors are very popular - both because of the softness and because of the timeless look, which quickly turns a decorative cushion with a nice cover into one of your absolute favorite details in the home.

Flax pillow cover with many good properties

Linen is a soft and delicious but at the same time incredibly hard-wearing material that is perfectly suited for pillow covers that must be able to withstand a bit of everything and be enjoyed by you every single day. Linen is light, breathable, moisture absorbent and antimicrobial. At the same time, the material is a good choice for those who want to choose more sustainable textiles. Growing and processing flax requires minimal water consumption and no pesticides, and flax can be grown even in poor quality soil. The entire flax plant can be used, which reduces resource wastage. There are therefore many good reasons to choose linen pillow covers - both from a comfort and environmental perspective.

Give the interior that extra touch with cushion covers for decorative cushions

Does the home need renewal, or are the last details missing before the interior is completely in place? Our cushion covers in timeless color tones are easily combined with a mounting cushion in the appropriate size, which ensures comfort and extra coziness and personality in the home.

Let yourself be inspired by the many different cushion covers in the selection, and go exploring for new favorites in designs that put a smile on your face. Regardless of whether you prefer linen cushion covers or covers in completely different materials, you have many options to choose from here with us. Look forward to enjoying your new pillowcases every day for many years and really feel the difference that high quality pillowcases have to offer.