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Are you crazy about handmade, exotic decorative objects? Lamali is a French brand that works with Nepalese artisans, and together they create fantastic objects that are both decorative and have a practical function in the home. You can find Lamali notebooks, Christmas garlands and coasters and more, all produced with the working conditions of the local producers in mind. Lamali is delicious, ethical and stylish decor for your home.


Ornaments from Lamali

If you would like to give your home a touch of Himalayan craftsmanship, then Lamali is the brand for you. The French company was founded in 1993, and since then has created designs in Paris that have been crafted in Nepal. Consideration for working conditions and local development has been a common thread in Lamali's commitment to Nepal from day 1, and you can therefore, with more than just a clear conscience, furnish your home with the beautiful things from Lamali.

Nepalese utensils

It is a love for Nepal that is at the heart of Lamali's business, which is why Nepalese culture and tradition are also inscribed in the designs that Lamali creates in Paris. It leads to a beautiful union of utility objects intended for the modern home that has its roots and its distinctiveness in traditional Nepal. if you would like to give your home a special atmosphere of this combination, take a closer look at our selection of Lamali and find your favourites.

Find Lamali online

Once you've taken a liking to one or more of the beautiful items from Lamali, it's as easy as nothing to order them home in our webshop. Once you have placed the order, we will send your Lamali products as soon as possible, so you can look forward to receiving them soon. Lamali is a brand that unites the West and the East in the best possible way, and it is therefore a brand that we at The Traveling Band cannot stand for.