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Candles create a very special atmosphere both outside and inside, and there is almost nothing cozier than letting the darkness descend and ending up enjoying the last hours of the day in the glow of the flame in one or more lanterns or candlesticks. The fact that they also ensure warmth for the room in the cold autumn and winter months is just a bonus, and it is almost adventurous to create a regular ritual of lighting up stakes and lanterns indoors when you get home in the afternoon. See our indoor lanterns and candlesticks here and find your favourites.


Unique Indian craftsmanship for your home

Our candlesticks and lanterns are available in many different designs and materials – from simple candlesticks in wood and stoneware to eye-catching glass lanterns and wooden lanterns that bring life to the room and naturally find their place in a bare corner that you may have been thinking about for a long time about what you should do with it.

Our glass lanterns are produced in a small town south of Agra, located in the state of Uttar Pradesh in India. The story of our lanterns began out in the glassblower's field, where he sold the beautiful glass lanterns as ampels. We had them turned over and have since developed a bit on them in terms of shape and size to find just the right expression - and today they are a must-have in our collection. The glass lanterns are all mouth-blown, and they may therefore vary slightly in shape, as each individual product is handmade and unique. If you ask us, it has its own charm, and it gives a personal touch created by the individual glassblower. In addition to the mouth-blown glass lanterns, we also offer wooden lanterns and candlesticks.

Cheap lanterns in complete design

We attach great importance to the fact that our products must have a story behind them and do not have to look like those you find among the usual interior brands on the market. Well-chosen candlesticks and lanterns indoors in, for example, the living room give the room soul and personality and make it extra nice to enter your home. Although our lanterns are cheap, the quality is high, and the timeless designs make both lanterns and candlesticks easy to use in the interior. They can be easily moved around so that you achieve a completely new expression, and our products give you plenty of opportunity to play with your decor until you hit on a look that feels good and right for you. Order online today and have your chosen indoor lanterns and candlesticks delivered shortly.