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Søms is a Danish manufacturer of quality pillows. Søms makes the pillow filling itself, and then it's just up to you to choose a beautiful pillow cover that suits your taste. We have a large selection of cushion covers in our range, so you can easily find one that fits your cushions from Søms. Look at our different sizes of pillow fillings from Søms, and put the sizes you need in the basket.


Cushions from Søms

The pillows from Søms, which we sell, are delicious pillows, with a pillow filling of 100% down. It gives you the authentic feel of a good pillow, and it's a quality you can trust. Søms is a company that takes quality very seriously, and they keep their production up-to-date with perpetual improvements that ensure uniformity and high quality in all their cushions. You can therefore advantageously choose Søm's pillows when you need to match your new pillow covers with a wonderful pillow filling.

Seam cushion filling

To make a really good pillow, you need good down, but also the expertise that consists in selecting, processing and shaping the pillows and pillow filling. This is what Søm's Danish experts are in, and we are therefore proud to be able to introduce you to their range here at The Traveling Band. We can highly recommend their cushions, so you can safely choose Søm's cushion filling for the cushion covers that you decorate your home with.

Danish quality from Søms

You can order your new pillow fillings and pillow covers from our webshop, it only takes a moment. Afterwards, we ensure a fast and efficient shipment, so you can look forward to receiving your new pillow fillings soon. It is online shopping that makes your life a little easier, and with Søms, you know that good quality is on its way by post.