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Christmas decorations

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With December fast approaching, it is once again time to find the box of Christmas decorations. If the collection of Christmas decorations needs an upgrade, you will find everything in both special Christmas baubles, Christmas garlands, Christmas decorations for windows and more here, so you can decorate your home and really feel the Christmas spirit spreading. Also buy your gift wrap for Christmas here, and wrap this year's gifts for your loved ones beautifully in the most beautiful Christmas paper.


Everything in Christmas decorations for the Christmas tree and windows

Christmas is a magical time with many cozy traditions. Some decorate early for Christmas, while others wait until the days leading up to Christmas Eve, before the Christmas decorations for the Christmas tree are found. Regardless of whether you are early for it or you prefer to wait, you can choose from lots of different Christmas decorations in the selection here with us. Your choice of decoration sets the framework for your Christmas with family and friends, and with our Christmas decorations there is plenty of opportunity to decorate a little discreetly here and there or to throw all your energy into decorating with glass Christmas balls and garlands for Christmas in every corner of the home.

A different take on this year's Christmas decorations

Our selection of Christmas decorations is not typically Danish. There are no Santas or sparkling red Christmas balls in glass here. Fortunately, the glitter has not been spared, but the color palette is more subdued, and the Christmas decoration has a different story with it.

Much of our Christmas decorations are handmade in Nepal, which almost couldn't get further from the December coziness we know here in Denmark. Nevertheless, there are still small elements of the Danish Christmas to be traced in the decorations, where sparkling branch motifs and the finest stars are in focus. The style is a little raw, but at the same time soft and cozy, and the timeless Christmas decoration can be enjoyed year after year and used both as it is, or together with the more Danish-inspired Christmas decoration you may already have in your stash.

Decorate for Christmas with handmade Christmas decorations from Nepal

Regardless of whether you dream of Christmas balls in gold, silver, white or black, of elegant porcelain decorations or of long, beautiful garlands for Christmas - or perhaps a combination of a bit of everything - you can choose this year's Christmas decorations here. Charming glass Christmas balls can be found side by side with other Christmas decorations for the Christmas tree and various Christmas decorations for windows. Buy your favorites online well in advance of Christmas, and feel the good Christmas atmosphere that immediately sets in when the decorations come out and find their rightful place in the home. We wish you the best December ever with those you care about the most!