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If you're looking for something...or need to find the hostess 'bouquet', you've landed in exactly the right category. Here you will find a wide selection of the most beautiful interiors for all rooms in the house and inspiration for good gift ideas. Here are the finest unique stone dishes, ultra tempting French handmade ceramics, our lanterns with the many options, bowls, jars, glasses, jugs, the most delicious vegan soaps from the Faroe Islands and heaps of more temptations.

If you need to furnish an office, cafe, restaurant or a business, this is where you can find what sprinkles personality over the place.


Give life and soul to your home with unique interiors

Without a cozy interior, your home can easily resemble a clinical hotel room. It is home interior design that makes your home personal. And fortunately, it is easy to create a cozy home that really feels like "home." You don't need much more than some cozy interior elements before the coziness is turned up.

You can easily implement beautiful stands, creative pictures, shiny mirrors and fragrant incense sticks in your home. There are no limits to creativity, and it's just a matter of putting together all your favorite elements.

Indian and exotic meets Scandinavian interior

At The Traveling Band, we have created a unique selection of interiors inspired by both exotic Indian culture and Scandinavian minimalism. All our collections are based on the meeting between the two exciting cultures.

The modern design trend is very much inspired by minimalism and simplicity. Conversely, the old, Indian style is more marked by traditions, patterns and colours. The combination of the two cultures gives a unique home style that is creative in the aesthetic way. You can see our entire selection of beautiful interiors from our own brand The Traveling Band here .

Beautiful interior for all rooms of the home

At The Traveling Band, we have unique interiors for every room in your home. You can put together your beautiful home accessories so that there is a common thread throughout your home. You can also choose to go with your gut feeling and dive into the designs you absolutely fall in love with when you explore our universe of unique interiors. One thing is certain: we have something for every room in your home.

For the bedroom, you can find beautiful bedside tables, soft blankets and pillows. In the living room, you can decorate with funny figures, cozy lights, beautiful vases and jars. When it comes to the entrance hall, you can create order and order with beautiful, practical shelves and racks. For the kitchen , we have fine trays, cups, plates, cutting boards, tea towels and jugs. And when it comes to the garden room , we have unique interiors such as rustic pot holders, patterned cushions, wooden benches and beautiful lanterns.

Unique interior for gifts

Who wouldn't be happy with a personal gift that can decorate the home? Unique interior is a perfect gift for both him and her.

Giving a gift can be difficult as there are many options. If you are in doubt about what to choose, you can give your loved one the opportunity to choose for themselves: Buy a gift card for The Traveling Band here .

Unique selection of interiors at The Traveling Band

Interiors are available in all sizes and for all rooms and rooms in the home. You can create the big lines with beautiful furniture . In our selection you will find both cozy bedside tables , impressive display cabinets , traditional benches and bookcases that can create order in your unique collectibles and cozy decorative objects.

To create atmosphere and give soul to your home, you can add the small, unique interior items. Here we have, among other things, beautiful candlesticks, stylish glasses, soft rugs, fragrant soap and beautiful dishes. The selection is endless, so it's just a matter of getting your hands on what you dream of.

Do you want to feel our unique interior between your hands and see it "in real life"! Then you are welcome to drop by one of our stores in Hellerup and Hornbæk.

You can also always contact us on TEL: +45 2625 4282