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If you love textiles for the home that make use of simple yet interesting colors and patterns, then you should take a closer look at Haomy. Haomy is a French textile brand that, like us, is inspired by, among other things, Indian and East Asian textile designs. Haomy makes beautiful textiles for the home, and this means that here on the site you can find everything from Haomy throws and bedspreads to pillowcases and tea towels and much more.


Haomy plaid and bedspread

Haomy is a brand from the French family-run textile company Maison Dubos, which has kept up with the times and with Haomy has created fantastic textile products for the home in collaboration with local manufacturers in Asia, North Africa and Portugal. Haomy designs throws, bedspreads and all the other beautiful textiles in their range, based on the special know-how and expertise that their various manufacturers around the world possess.

Placemats and napkins from Haomy

You can furnish your entire home with textiles from Haomy and it is a style that goes well with the other items for the home that you can find with us in The Traveling Band. The muted yet rich colours, combined with simple and timeless patterns, provide an ideal mix of the exotic and the stylish.

Textiles for the home from French Haomy

Look through our selection of products from Haomy and be inspired to decorate your home. You can especially find quite a few textiles in linen, which is a delicious material that Haomy is known for working with. Haomy is a brand that combines French elegance with exotic designs, and we love that. If you find something you can't stand, you can order your new textiles from Haomy home with a few clicks. Look forward to refreshing your home with throws, tea towels, or whatever you fancy.