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Cassis sovesofa

CASSIS - Sofa bed

The CASSIS sofa is The Traveling Band's take on a delicious and cozy sofa for the home or summer house.

The CASSIS sofa bed is The Traveling Band's offer for a nice and cozy sofa bed for the home, if you occasionally need an extra sleeping space in your home or summer house

The CASSIS sofa bed is similar in appearance to the CAP FERRET sofa, but has the additional function that it can be folded out into a sofa bed.

The pinched seam gives a unique character to the sofa and the lovely cozy cushions (60x60 cushions in the back and decorative cushions 40x60cm). Choose a relaxed side with our different linen fabrics NEWLIN or SWEET, which are available in many different delicious colours.

The CASSIS sofa bed has a self-supporting mechanism where the seat and back cushions remain in place when the bed is unfolded.
See the unfolding mechanism for the sofa bed here v=2yJfRkxg0jc (Note, it's not the CASSIS couch in the movie, but it's the same feature)
The frame Beech wood, multiplex boards and fiber boards. Suspension in the seat
Seat cushions Plumtex HR 35kg/m3 + layer of feathers.
Back cushions 60x60 cm cushions with feathers (1 seat x 1, XL seats x 3, 2/3 seats x 4, 4/5 seats x 5).
Decorative pillows 45x45 cm pillows with feathers.
Leg Tree
Finish Removable covers.
Sewing Pinched stitching.
Mattress 14


Download price list with module drawings here

Unfortunately, we do not have the Cassis sofa bed on display in some of our stores, but in the store in Hellerup, there is an exhibition model of the Cap Ferret sofa, which has the same appearance as Cassis, so here you can get a feel for the sofa.

Otherwise contact us on tel. 60192729